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Our professional dog trainers are dedicated to making the learning experience for you and your dog fun and enjoyable while learning how to effectively communicate, change unwanted behaviors, and develop respect, trust, and a better level of control and focus with your dog. However, in order for any of our dog training sessions to be successful it is a must for the owners to work with their dogs daily as instructed by their trainer. When you invest the time and energy needed to make obedience a way of life for your dog, you will be able to fully enjoy one another's companionship.

Obedient K-9 has dog training programs and options to meet most budgets. The advantage of working one on one with a professional dog trainer is that each dog is approached and trained according to personality type, behavior problems (if any), and family's goals, thus making it more cost effective.

If you started with a smaller dog training package, now may be the time to upgrade to one of our other dog training programs. If you think that you and your dog need a little more assistance with your obedience or are ready to take the next step in your dog training, call us for upgrade pricing and details. Remember you only pay the difference of what our current dog training residency fees are at the time of signing a contract. A consultation may be required to assess what dog training program would be best matched with what goals you want to accomplish.

Requirements for Dog Training

Puppies 8-16 weeks must have been examined by a veterinarian, have had first vaccinations, and be in overall good health.

Training dogs are required to have the following vaccinations: DHLP, Parvo, and Rabies. We also recommend the Corona and Bordatella vaccinations. The Bordatella vaccination must be given at least 10 days prior to training. It is the owner's responsiblity to provide current vaccination records. Dogs that are without vaccination records or overdue on vaccinations will not be accepted for training.

In-Home Dog Training

Basic Obedience Training - 16 weeks and older

This is one of our most popular dog training programs where our certified, professional dog trainer will come to your home teach you and your dog proper leash handling, training techniques, training tools, and how dog obedience relates to everyday dog behavior problems. The following commands that will be taught on leash are heel with automatic-sit, sit and down at your side, sit and down from the front, sit and down in motion, come, stay and walking on a loose leash while still maintaining good manners.

Private Lessons – 16 weeks and older

These trainings are lesson-by-lesson to help you accomplish anything your dog needs help with such as a behavior problem, a new issue that has arisen, or just a refresher for you and your dog. Private lessons are a perfect way to meet any and all needs. A block of sessions can also be purchased as well as upgrades to one of our other dog training programs if you decide later that you and your dog need a little more assistance with your dog's obedience training. Call today for details.

Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

These sessions will take you from on-leash to off-leash. You and your dog will be taught to perform all of the basic obedience commands mentioned above. Your dog will be able to respond to these commands both inside and outside, verbally, and with hand signals. A beneficial command called Place will also be taught, which will allow your dog limited freedom while maintaining manners and self-control in a designated area. "Place" can be described as "a crate with no walls."

Drop-Off Dog Training

These sessions are ideal if you have very limited time to work with your dog due to a busy schedule. Your dog can stay with Obedient K-9 and learn basic or advanced obedience commands with our experienced dog trainers while you are at work. You will drop your dog off at our location before work and then pick him/her up after your work day is over and we will go over what your dog has learned so that you can then start reinforcing the new commands at home. Spaces are limited so please call to set up an evaluation.

Residency Dog Training

During residency dog training programs, your dog will stay at Obedient K-9 anywhere from three to twenty (3-20) days. Length of residency vary according to which dog training program you choose and the goals that you would like your dog to accomplish. These dog training programs are ideal if you have very limited time to work with your dog, don't know if you are up to the task, or if you are going on an extended vacation. Upon completion of one of these dog training residency programs, you will receive one to four (1-4) private follow up sessions (depending upon the program you choose). Your first follow up session will be held on the day you pick up your dog. A limited number of dogs will be accepted at a time to ensure optimal training. Evaluation is required before enrollment (some dogs may not be suitable for our residency programs). Cost varies according to which program works best for you and your dog. Obedient K-9 provides residency dog training program discounts for families who wish to have multiple dogs trained or for a dog that has been trained by Obedient K-9 in the past. One of our certified, professional dog trainers will explain in detail your training options and the cost involved during your free pre-enrollment evaluation.

Group Dog Training

You must pre-qualify to attend any group setting that Obedient K-9 offers.

Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog Training classes are offered to graduates of our obedience training (or comparable outside class) who have a solid obedience foundation. This is required due to the level of distractions present in a group dog training setting and is neither recommended nor beneficial for a dog's learning process during their initial introduction to obedience training. These classes are structured to continue building on the basic obedience and to challenge you and your dog by adding more distraction diversification to better hone your dog's attention to your commands amongst real-world distractions.

Puppy Preschool - 8-16 weeks old

Puppy training begins the moment you bring your new puppy home so we want to help you start off with the right tools and knowledge. Our puppy preschool program was established to educate the owner on how to enhance the development and understand the needs and proper care of their puppy. Puppies develop up to 90% of their attitude to surroundings in the first sixteen (16) weeks of their lives. Our Puppy Pre-School program places a heavy emphasis on setting limits that your puppy can understand, proper socialization for a well rounded pet, a Q&A session, handling exercises and important topics on puppy ownership. Puppy Pre-School classes consist of a one-on-one evaluation with one of our professional dog trainers, and three puppy classes that run on a rotating basis every Saturday so that you can join us at any time.

Other Services

Temperament Testing and Breed, Rescue Selection Consultations

Before you acquire a new dog or puppy, you should understand that choosing the right breeder as well as the right puppy from a litter, rescue, or humane society is the first important step you will take in pet ownership. We can educate and assist you on an appropriate breed, what to look for and how to choose a puppy/dog that will best fit in with your family and lifestyle. Get a great head start on what is bound to become a long and loving relationship!

Canine Education Programs

Are you a teacher, school administrator, civic organization or club that is looking to learn more about canine behavior? One of our certified, professional dog trainers can tailor a lecture and demonstration for your class or organization, at no cost to you. Topics of discussion can include: Canine Behavior Issues, Teaching children appropriate behavior around dogs and Bite prevention. If you have a subject you would like discussed, let us know.

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